Mission Statement & Code of Conduct

Mission Statement: Embark is a diverse group that facilitates connections between innovative women in East Texas for the purposes of enrichment/enriching conversations, collaboration, mentor-ship and service.

Code of Conduct: Embark seeks to create an atmosphere where ambitious women will  find the camaraderie they are looking for and the  tools they need to take on their next challenge. By holding thought-provoking discussions, presentations by speakers from various industries, educational workshops, and mentor-ship programs, we will create a platform where innovation is cultivated and the key.

Who are Embark Women? Good Question! Embark women are everywhere- they can look like entrepreneurs, students, artists or parents, but often share these characteristics.

Embark Women ARE:
-self starters

Embark women are hiding everywhere! The better question is actually who is NOT an Embark Women.

Embark Women are NOT:


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Crystal Bryce –Founder, Catalyst & List-Making Specialist

Ruthie Strout –Culture Creator & Director of Happiness

Sreenidhi Vedartham –Opportunities Developer & Media Rockstar