If Life Had Gone According to Plan…


I was going through my morning routine per usual & something kept coming to mind.

I absolutely love Embark Women — what we’re building, and the group we have. It’s my passion and what drives me every single day. But I’m not sure I ever would have started it if my life had gone according to plan. I always pictured myself as a stay-at-home mom, then supporter of and teammate with my husband, then retired with my husband traveling the world and spoiling grandbabies. Life (and my husband) had other plans.

I’m finally beginning to be OK with that. And looking back, I wish I had started Embark sooner. The stay-at-home-mom 24/7 thing was never the right fit for me. I thought it was what I SHOULD have been doing so I tried to fit myself into that box. But I mostly put that pressure on myself. Ultimately, I made that choice.

Two things are growing ever more apparent in my life & my understanding:

1) Life isn’t turning out how I wanted it to be but I’m using my stubbornness (and I confess, sometimes anger) to drive me and move forward to a life that is more fulfilling than I could have imagined 4-5 years ago,

2) I horribly misjudged myself & I put unnecessary pressure on myself to be something I wasn’t. Sure, outside factors play a part (societal norms, family influence, etc.) but ultimately I take responsibility for that.

The old adage “better late than never” replays in my mind. I might not be a spring chicken but I still have a lot of living & creating left to do. I’m grateful to be learning these lessons.

Does anyone else relate? #betterlatethannever

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