Find Your People

WhatsAppEmojisIn an interview I did recently, I was asked what a young woman should do if she wanted to become an entrepreneur. My gut response was something like, “Find your people. Get out there and get connected. Ask questions.

Like the good little ruminater I am, I always re-play events like this over and over in my head for the next several days. What did I say vs. what SHOULD I have said?

Since that interview, I’ve thought of several “better” answers but I also still stand by my initial response. At least for people like me, having my core support system — my tested, tried and true, ride or die people — makes a massive difference in my life (personal and professional). The past 6 years of my life have been a long, painful, depression and anxiety ridden growth process. At times, my support system was 0. Then, for a few years it was 1. Now, it’s grown to 5.

Find your people. This might not be a key factor in success for everyone but it is for me.

Even when I fail, I’m still loved and respected. When I’m down and hard on myself, I get virtual WhatsApp hugs and kisses. When I’m having a pity party, they give me permission to stay in my pajamas and drink half a bottle of wine (but will readily smack some sense into me the very next day — like real friends do.)

And you know what? I’m finding that because of their support, I’ve begun seeing the things they see inside myself. The pity parties have become fewer and although it’s cliche to say, I’m following my dreams.

It took a small village to raise this successful woman but she finally learned to stand. In fact, she’s ready to run.

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