Getting Our Groove Back


We’ve taken a bit of a break this summer but now it’s time to get our groove back — starting with “wellness.” What is wellness? What is healthy? What is beauty? And how can we obtain that total wellness package? These are just a few of the questions we’ve been pondering lately.

Beginning a few weeks ago, we made the decision to get together every Sunday morning and start exercising. We also use it as a time to get to know one another and to share our struggles and lessons learned. We encourage one another and support each other. We’re also getting pretty stinking good at holding each other accountable to continue making healthy choices throughout the week.

These walk-jog workout sessions are only the beginning. Embark Women would like to continue the wellness conversation — particularly as it relates to our busy students and professional working women. Keep an eye out for more information coming soon on upcoming events and workouts. We hope you join us and we’d love to hear your thoughts on health and wellness — the complete package.

To stay up to date, check us out here: Facebook Page  Facebook Group  Meetup Group

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