Ideation and Brain Storming Workshop

Our first Ideation and Brainstorming Workshop was a huge success! We had a roomful of women of all ages, backgrounds, and experience levels.  By the end, not only did we have bellies full of delicious pizza (provided by the UT Tyler Graduate School) and cheeks sore from laughter, but we also had multiple creative business ideas (albeit maybe a little unorthodox).

Food, Fun, & Forward-thinking — THIS is the kind of workshop we love!

The entrepreneurial mindset has long intrigued me. I wasn’t an entrepreneur until recent years but I’ve been around the strange and fascinating creatures for decades. I’ve come to believe the mindset — the way entrepreneurs believe anything is possible and ask “why not? who says it can’t be done?” — is an invaluable tool that can be utilized by everyone in life, regardless of business aspirations. Anything is possible.

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This workshop is just the beginning. We hope to hold many more just like it. Our goal is to help other women realize anything is possible and you have a support system here. Meeting by meeting, workshop by workshop, supporter by supporter, we are making a difference.

Please join us next time. Regardless of your age, background, or experience, we all need to eat, laugh and sometimes be reminded that “anything is possible.”

Thanks to our supporters, Betsy, Sparktrest and The Graduate School at UT Tyler for always being there and giving us their 100%!

(Checkout our video here to see what we did at the workshop)

-Crystal Bryce
Founder – Embark Women

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