Tell me your “Favorite Failures”!

When have you spoken about your failures and did not feel like one? When was the last time you boasted about a failure that taught you something in life? When did we become scared to talk about failures?

Failures, repeated failures, are finger posts on the road to achievement. One fails forward toward success.
–C. S. Lewis

Failures are a part of life. People fail all the time. How else are we expected to learn about ourselves if we do not fail? How are we supposed to learn from our mistakes when we are so afraid to talk about them? Afraid that people will judge us for our failings?

If a person comes to you and says, they have never failed in life, they are lying. We fail all the time. We fail to get up in the morning after the alarm rings, we fail to wear matching socks, we fail to turn off the coffee machine…. These are some mundane examples.

But what about failing in your business? Failing in your driving test? Failing in your studies? Failing to get the grade you wanted? Failing to save money for the future? Those are pretty major ones, if you ask me!!!

So, as a part of Embark Women Panel series, we wanted to talk about failures in a podium filled with women who have failed in life. Our first panel was held at the University of Texas at Tyler on April 14, 2017 and boy, did we have a full house! The main idea for this panel was given by Ruthie Blair, our own Culture Creator & Director of Happiness.

The reason is simple!

“Make as many people as possible talk about their failures. Make them own their mistakes. Make is a conversation where people are not afraid to share their own stories to build a sense of comradeship”

And we succeeded! We had an amazing panel of three diverse women, Cherie Paro of The Granite Girls, Shirlene Solomon, Nursing Instructor at TJC and Ruthie! Three women, three diverse job areas and so many failures combined together!

These women were honest, vulnerable and shared their stories without hesitation! The stories were funny, poignant and emotional. It was a truly humbling experience to be in the presence of strong women who have crossed hurdles to be where they are! Our founder, Crystal Bryce, shared some of her own failures and it was astonishing to see what these women have been through!
We are very grateful to The Graduate Student Association and The University of Texas at Tyler Graduate School for hosting us and providing lunch and nourishment for our panel and the attendees! We are thankful to Physiologie for giving us our T-Shirts and Sparktrest for the awesome video!
Shout out to our volunteers Carmen McCarthy Basinger and Paige Parker for your help and support! We love you!
Check out the video below!
Please look forward to our upcoming panels here!
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