A good girl friend called me tonight just as I was about to doze off to sleep. She usually doesn’t call late at night so of course I was somewhat concerned and answered it immediately.

Turns out, thankfully, everything is fine — she just wanted somebody to share her thoughts with. She simply needed to extrovert with a trusted friend — a need I am very familiar with myself.

After a 2+ hour conversation chatting about anything, everything, and sometimes really nothing, I’m left with a great joy that I could be there for my friend and connect with her even in her mild times of need. Even though the call ended with her falling asleep and my being wide awake at 1AM, I’m glad I answered. That’s what friendship is. This is how we support each other. It’s not only being there in the extreme tumultuous times but also simply just being there. Period.

This is the same kind of understanding and care I’ve noticed already in our very young, small, but strong Embark Women’s group. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for all the support we’ve received and all of our incredible members and special Evangelistas (you know who you are). Together, we’re going to continue to grow this community of support and camraderie. The change we wanted to usher in seemed too great for us but, together, it seems easily attainable.

Now, it’s almost 1:30AM and although I’m still feeling very awake, it’s time to retire my phone for the night. I’m humbled and thrilled to be working along side each and every one of you.

I’m looking forward to our doing great things.

– Crystal

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