An Exciting Journey towards Venturelab!

About a year ago, a particular Facebook post from one of my friends caught my eye. It was a father speaking about his daughter being featured in The Wall Street Journal for having attended a summer camp called Girl Startup created by VentureLab. I was immediately intrigued. And there began my VentureLab journey.

 I continued to follow VentureLab’s events, news, and progress. I became increasingly invested in what they were doing and exciting about seeing their programs offered to children everywhere.
Now, almost three years later, I will have the opportunity to fulfill one of my goals — help bring VentureLab programs to East Texas. After hands-on training sessions, video chats, and several phone calls, we have a plan. Sreenidhi Narayanan, Arafat Mirza —International  UT Tyler graduates — and I will instruct VentureLab’s Creativity program beginning this week. And I’m thrilled!
This program is based off of the Sparks of Genius: the 13 Thinking Tools of the Worlds Most Creative People philosophy.
“We develop K-8 experiential entrepreneurial learning programs that provide youth and girls with the skill set and mindset necessary to anticipate and meet the challenges of our evolving world. By teaching the key mindsets of entrepreneurial thinking, including creativity and design-thinking, we prepare youth, and especially girls, to think critically, take calculated risks, and innovate. We also provide instructors with the training and support they need to unlock their students’ entrepreneurial potential.” –(venturelabs)
I’m thankful to VentureLab for working with me in order to promote entrepreneurship among kids, to Sarah Cumming and Promise Academy for being forward-thinking, receptive to my ideas, and implementing the program, and most of all — to my co-instructors who listened to this passion of mine and caught the VentureLab bug.
-Crystal Bryce
P.S: Click here to know more about Venturelab! and Promise academy!

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